Borvo by Denny BradburyIt was a time of kings, of battles, of a society based on community, love, honour and friendship. This was the Dark Ages, the setting for Denny Bradbury’s new book “Borvo”.

So often people think of the Dark Ages as a time when little was recorded and yet the richness of the art and the culture still draws us through the ages back to a different time.

It was a time of great Kings like Alfred the Great. Kings who went into battle to unite their country but it was also a time of ordinary people. These were our forefathers, people who are directly related to you and me.

Find out what it was like to be alive as royalty, the people, religion and new ideas collide in this rich adventure which Denny Bradbury has woven.

Denny’s passion for poetry (“Denagerie of Poems”) and adventure (“The Reunion”) brings to life the story of a young boy who grows into a man during this time. It’s an adventure that everyone can relate to, even today. It’s a story about discovering who you are, about discovering what it means to be an adult and what it means to discover, that we all have a role in this world.

The main character is a healer. He knows how to use plants and herbs. We so often forget that the medicines we use today came from the herbs that were found in fields. Denny also weaves this element into the plot, allowing us to find out how important these skills once were. Of course, knowing about healing can have it’s advantages and disadvantages.

“I just love this period,” says Denny. “I’ve studied the Anglo-Saxon era for many years and I’ve been wanting to write a book based there for a long, long time. Borvo just brought together all those ideas into one exciting story.”

“I wanted it to appeal to everyone thought. I wanted children to pick up the story and find themselves transported to a different time but I also wanted to reach adults like me. Whatever age we are, we all love that sense of adventure but we also find fascinating the question of who we are and what our place is in life.”

Denny Bradbury is also one of the new era of authors embracing the online world. She has a popular blog containing literary news that Denny shares with her readers. There are articles about the themes in her works and she also shares her personal thoughts and ideas with her readers. This can be found at

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