Denny Bradbury

Denny Bradbury lives in Buckinghamshire, England with her husband. She has had several career changes ranging from being one of the first few women air traffic controllers in the Civil Aviation Authority, motherhood bring up two fantastic children, working for a charity as a senior manager and a student of history with a degree from Bristol University.

Her main interests are medieval history, poetry, and theatre and enjoying the sea and countryside.

She tries to blend an optimistic romanticism with the more bleak reality of life and death. Only the reader will know if she succeeds.

Her anthologies are collections of poems written over the last few years and offered up for reflection on our world and state of mind in the twenty first century.  You may note that through despair there is always hope.

Her poems are general and although inspiration may come from observation there are no personal targets in her writing. The two exceptions to this are called ‘Heathland and ‘Thoughts of Love’, both of which are about, and dedicated to, Thomas Hardy and his first wife Emma. Thomas Hardy is one of her literary heroes, enough said.

Her novels reflect her love of nature, history and our spiritual ‘other worldliness’. Endlessly fascinating, the human need for understanding the world and its physical and spiritual setting.

Her background is both Celtic and Anglo-Saxon and from this mixed bags of genes, this meeting of the romantic idealism with a more settled, gentle teaching, comes a view of the spiritual sense in us all. Sometimes, just sometimes, this spiritual side needs a nudge to get it back on track.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Lee Gatecliffe said:

    Hi Denny, I read your ‘The Reunion’ book this week. It was fantastic and totally had me under it’s spell – I loved it!! Looking forward to getting stuck into Borvo this week!
    Hope you are enjoying Dorset.
    Love Lee

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