Happy New Year


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Music and the arts are vital to us as communities. Once we are fed and housed we need the comfort and inspiration of music poetry literature and theatre. Riccardo Muti spoke eloquently on this subject after the New Years day concert from Vienna.

Stunning music and beautiful words. I hope the governments to which he addressed his remarks take note.

A peaceful healthy loving and joyful year to you all. Denny Bradbury

Freedom Lost – Freedom Gained


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Freedom Lost – Freedom Gained

Such terror of the unknown death
the unseen enemy that kills
Is it there or maybe here
but yet the sun shines on us still

Blue tits and robins, blackbirds too
abound in new found warmth of spring
while we are forced to stay at home
avoiding death from everything

we don’t know where or even if
we’ll be a victim this time round
but kindness rises with the sun
and that is beautiful when found

Hope on the far horizon sits
and beckons to us through the pain
‘Just be still and wait a while
and you will find your Freedom Gained’.

Denny Bradbury© Best wishes and be safe.

William Blake


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Recently I attended a day course on the work of William Blake. In many ways a difficult but visionary man. When are those blest with great gifts ever easy to live with or understand. A fascinating day and well worth the trip to Oxford. Thank you to the Oxford Centre for Spiritual Growth, they run very interesting courses. Below a snippet of Blake’s genius.

Extract from Auguries of Innocence:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
and a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the Palm of your hand
and Eternity in an hour
a Robin Redbreast in a Cage
puts all Heaven in a Rage
a Dove house filled with Doves and Pigeons
Shudders Hell thr’ all its regions
a dog starved at his Master’s Gate
predicts the ruin of the State
a Horse misused upon the Road
calls to Heaven for Human Blood
each outcry of the Hunted Hare
a fibre from the Brain does tear…

His passion for kindness and justice shines through. the poem is a very long one and keeps the theme of abhorrence at cruelty.
I only hope my poor attempts at poetry live after me and people say ‘she had compassion too…”

with grace and kindness – Denny Bradbury

Frozen in Time



In the cold light of dawn I smell the frost,
into my soul seeps the life that I’ve lost;

the day lingers on with struggling sun,
I walk in shadow, my morning work done.

With dusk comes the half light violet hue,
into the evening come pictures of you

sweeping and swirling and dancing in light,
they fade then, leaving the stillness of night.

Denny Bradbury©



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There is a complicated relationship between many Christian festivals and the preceding Pagan celebrations. Candlemas is one such where there is Imbolc, a celebration of spring and fertility with the goddess Brigid at this time with the Christian presentation of Jesus at the Temple with the purification of Mary. This poem seeks to celebrate light and shine good Light into the darkest corners of this troubled world.

(Purify and pray)

Present the child and purify,
purify and pray;
pray that all the prejudice
leaves us from this day.

Light a candle, light one more,
light a thousand strong;
so we can see in darkest night,
and right will conquer wrong.

Present the child and purify,
purify and pray;
pray that all injustices
are broken down today.

Light a candle, light one more,
light can do no wrong;
it lights the darkest corner,
illuminates our song.

The song of hope and faith and love;
The song of praise and awe,
that through winter’s bitter cold
the sun will rise once more.

Present the child and purify
purify and pray;
pray as we hold our candles high
that all will find their way.

Love and peace