De:versify – New Poetry

Stars Tonight

I looked up and saw stars tonight; they were so bright and clear

What is up there I don’t know but this I hold quite dear

That all is well as long as they are shining in my sky

The velvet cloak of night enfolds while all I ask is why

Why does human kind not follow the zigzag paths of youth

To find the answers to our quest for some forgotten truth?

I looked up and saw stars tonight which is all I need to know

That while they shine and hold their place we have a chance to show

How we can best serve out our time on this good earth so blue

It isn’t only up to me it’s him and her and you

Beleaguered by our threatening to upset the yin and yang

Nature’s balance in disarray we must do all we can

I looked up and saw stars tonight as sleep eluded me

On distant stars I pondered on what elements might be

What don’t we yet know; how we yearn to fill in all the blanks

But it is how we deal with these that keeps me coming back

To why we are and how the wise just offer up their love

With constancy and honesty how much our lives improve

I looked up and saw stars tonight then one fell through the sky

What power I can only guess sends light to feast the eye

To sit and ponder in the night to think and hope and pray

So that we might be happier at the opening of each day

We are so small against this web of infinite space and time

Some look and note the fact of it while others make a rhyme.



Idle Tides

Shiny suit sloughed off replaced with tartan shirt

White legs sit dangling on the prom

Stones thrown at other stones will never hit

He might say that he got one that time right enough

But how can you tell when all pebbles look the same

Rolling dancing bouncing all ways

Not quite reaching sea as waves seek the shore then back away

Thin legged girl sits awkwardly aware of her paleness

Gawky and shy concerned only with her image

Gradually she relaxes and joins in the stone throwing

Dad encourages and they throw stones and laugh together

Temporarily they forget mum who is somewhere else

Probably on the Costa Brava with her new man

Does she remember the simple times of running and laughing with them

On the beach

Bronzed Adonis reaches out for his iced drink as he shades his

Crepey eyes from the sun with designer glasses

She looks at him and wonders how she came to be so far away from all she cherished

Then reality floods in and she remembers how she was ignored and put upon

Was that really enough reason to leave and abandon her child

And her childhood sweetheart and her own deep unhappiness



Bees and Trees

To save the planet we need bees and trees

Our salvation depends on both of these

Ignoring this to do your worst

This planet’s cursed

Gardeners plant bee friendly flowers

Bumblebees stagger from pollen showers

If righting wrongs is always best

This planet’s blessed

Denny Bradbury © 2012


Fly Free

(be not halt for me)

Halt by jesse, bell and piece of rope

Three hunters tethered

Of freedom in this misty land

They have no hope

People gawp around the pen

They stare and gape and when ‘tis done

Will walk forgetting in the sun

Proud hawk

And feisty falcon

Eagle owl is now the star

Wings outstretched Nature’s majesty

Flies four yards to gather in

Day old meat

Spectacle is all they are

Dependent on man

Who loves but wrongly

Misguided gaoler

Denny Bradbury©2012


So Grey the Sea

So grey the sea

All white the foam

I journey forth

To come back home

So blue and green

The like of which

I’ve seldom seen

Such energetic

Rolling foam

it ill behoves me

then to moan

about the world

the state its in

greed and lust

of bankers’ sin

who take take take

without remorse

then take a million

home, of course

its what we’re due

we’ve worked so hard

just thank us when

in your back yard

that’s full of weeds

no time to plant

you’re holed up in

a prison hard

work pays you know its true

that’s why we’re

always there

for you

we lend you sums

if you are good

we’ll let you pay back

with your blood

don’t moan to us

if fate steps in

the roundabout

of life will gain

momentum then

who loses grip

will fall and into

mire will slip

we’ll look down

upon the place

where you are struggling

now to face

penury and social cuts

its like we said

the world’s gone nuts!

Just pass the champers

Cheers you plebs

I mix now with

Jules and Sebs

Forget my roots

Now that’s a laugh

My old mam

Took washing in

She scrimped and saved

For me to be

A caring bastard

Yes, that’s me.

My Dad worked on

From morn til night

It broke him

Now Jack I’m all right

They’re dead and gone

But me, I’m here

No one will take

What’s mine

D’you hear?

I won’t go back to

Where I’m from

Its in the city

I belong

I’m clever too

They all said that

‘Tis pity though

that when ‘tis done

I’m not invited

To the sun

So grey the sea

All white the foam

I journey forth

To come back home …


Seagull Takes the Biscuit

Seagull sweeps in across the leaden sky

There are rich pickings here for him to try

His hunger drives him on to seek a meal

where ere he can

The seaside is full of food by

courtesy of man

Seagull is canny wise as owl his eyes are full of light

When he descends on promenade

he will feed tonight

Boy drops bun girl drops sweet man drops piece of meat

The ice cream is the thing he wants and so

he swoops to eat

No matter that it is still in tiny hand so small

He wants it and he’ll have it

despite the sudden squall

A cry goes up and indignation rises from the crowd

But there is nothing they can do

as seagull’s full and proud

His chest is puffed his feathers sleek

with oily salty spray

Now he struts and saunters

now he flies away

He will avoid the anger of those

who’ve gathered by the bay

Lazy he enjoys his triumph

he’ll live another day



Purposely Drifting

Drift in time and space as the waves ripple over your soul

Stir up the elements with a light hand and watch the gentle lapping on the shore

Dig not deep unless you are ready for the silt

That will inevitably surround your idyll and drag you into its depths

But then the deep consciousness of your being may find long unanswered meaning

In the mud

Glory in the revelations

Silt will settle

Still water will flow once more

In its own time

Inner calm will be your amazing strength

World says:

Turning, ready or not!


Horses of War

(Inspired by the amazing stage show WarHorse adapted from Michael Morpurgo’s Novel)

Grandfathers great or great and great

Grandmothers too stepped up to the plate

When the call came from over the sea

They went or they stayed but managed to be

All that we wanted and more, much, more

As countries of Europe went to war, damn war

Animals too were pressed on that day

When up went the shout to march away

Each healthy horse that could give of itself

To join in the slaughterous lines of death

They carried and pulled and charged for their lives

They lay down without asking ‘wherefore we strive?’

And died in their hundreds and thousands and then

Most of them did not come back again.

What a debt do we owe to each lovely steed?

We offer sad thanks as they worked for man’s greed

Lessons we learned from this desperation

Should ensure that we never seek reparation.




Belonging is cocooning

It makes us feel alive

No need to fret

No cause to moan

Take solace enough

Then face the world alone



We are born into belonging

We are meant to be as one



Full fame and world wide acclamation

A modern sickness, no rewards

Except the sound of empty phrases

Echoing to some strident chords

We need to feel that we are loved

Belovéd by our guiding star

Belonging is another measure

Reaffirming who we are



Lost Meadows

Light flooded meadows brimming with sweet honeyed flowers

bedappled with dew

Butterflies, bumblebees, damosels too drunkenly stagger

in nectar filled hue

How is this image today now expressed as fields drunk with pesticides

only are dressed?

Mistakes of the past rear up now to haunt us as we pass by blindly

ignoring the facts

For so long around that we look but don’t see how commerce has left

barren acres of tracks

Many have now seen the light and are planting wild flowers seeds

right next to the wheat

Bumblebees, butterflies, damosels sweet, fly up and around in

blissful nectar retreat

We all have been guilty by absence, design or merely a shake of

the head in resigned

Acceptance of what the men in dark suits were planning to plant next to

burgeoning shoots

Be it wind farm or pylon or merely a road we sighed and we tutted

but never did goad

Now as we look with fresh eyes do we see the reinstatement of the humble and

wonderful bee.

Denny Bradbury May2011©


My Gift To You

The discontent of winter

Lies heavy on your brow

The eyes once full of summer sun

Shine solemn, wistful now

You yearn for warmth and sunlight

You long for birds to soar

You look for buds to open

As they wake from frosty hoar

Oh! Love is summer, it is spring

But love is winter too

Be happy in the tide of life

My love, my gift to you


there and then

mist hides rising sun

people lost has day begun

birds chirrup long song

fields beckon where crops must grow

come till wave arms scare black crow

back bent over no pain

face away from driving rain

raise face sun again

smog clogs city scape

traffic noise terrific din

weakly sun peeps in

working men and women too

onto treadmill two by two

evening moon shadows

eerie space between home blocks

eat drink watching clocks




Scant hair slicked down in Brylcreem style

Grey sideburns point to leery smile

He sucks his teeth then moves to show

He knows the game is played out, slow

His object is younger by far

Ten years or more divides the pair

She is petite if slightly wrinkly

Silver coiffeur with eyes a twinkly

Her last beau died in tragic circs

He tried so hard to make it work

But she demanding ever better

Dumped him with a ‘Dear John’ letter

She’s now on to pastures new

This life long habit is part of Prue

Lothario will feel the rap

Pick up the tab and take the crap

She will walk carefree and flighty

And break another old heart nightly

Another man will fall beside

The road she treads, it’s very wide

In fact it needs to be like that

With bodies strewn so sad a fact

They all want more than she can give

Her first was just who made her live

But he the rotten scoundrel did

The dirty with her best friend Syd

Now its she who rules the roost

The rich and dead give her a boost

She lives the life that’s all she can

She only wanted one good man

But that was never meant to be

Her life was set by family tree

Mother wasn’t all that bad

But then she’d never known her dad

All the while both mum and daughter

Set the bar and watch the waters

Take their lives and drift on by

They sigh they smile but mostly cry

Prue’s love was cunning, slid aside

Took what he might but not as bride

Left her to make all others pay

She’s rich but sad to her dying day


Time with my dog

My time alone

With the dog that I’ve known

Since he was a gangly pup

He’s majestic now

Standing proud on the brow

Of the hill that I can’t get up

My knees won’t bend

My back’s on the mend

My mind is full to the brim

Heart aches with the thought

This will all come to nought

This time with my lovely friend

Denny Bradbury


Waiting for Blossom (I)

Cold sun rises each day

But brings no warmth

Winter is hanging on

Clutching at hope

Drawing us back to the long

Dark nights of shivering


Spring winds have come and gone

All is quiet calm but chill

Skin and bones

All need the longed for respite

Hawthorn is late this year

February bees come in March

Eyes that long searched for colour

Now see the wonderful hint of blossom

Soon it is everywhere

Brilliant white of blackthorn

Champagne pink of cherry

Dappled rose of apple

All framed by nature’s green

Bringing gladness and smiles

Birds nest and sing their sweet notes

Pounce on the awakening insects

Jauntier walking slowly savouring










Gossamer Green

Gossamer tablecloth covering green

Tiny creatures never to be seen

Gossamer threads weaving over all

Holding early dew in autumn’s thrall

Who ordered beauty like this to be?

Who claims the ultimate mystery?

Little eight legs busying time

Eyes ever watchful waiting for rime

Frosty mornings when winter is here

Now to go burrowing Hard Jack is near

Gossamer napkins scattered and left

Summer no longer leaving bereft

All those who revel in warmth of the sun

Dying for living the cycle is spun



Kingcup and Friends
Kingcup forget-me-not deadnettle white
Struggling reaching searching for the light
Clover daisy dead nettle pink
Look at us
Hear us

Let us make you think
Colt’s foot cowslip white nettle dead
See green see blue then see red
Arid treeless hedgerows bled
Ragged robin

Put us in your head
Agimony garlic rosehip haw
Blackthorn convolvulus we need more
Nightshade woody deadly too
Humble shrew

Elder oak birch broom and ash
Let us fell and sell the lot for cash
Campion companion scented pine
Gorse bush
Not yours nor mine

Owners not as we survey
What centuries have brought today
Guardians of each changing mood
Deep dense wood

Meadowsweet silver birch chestnuts red
Lavender provender hops for your bed
Room for all there’s room for more
Love and leave
Nature will restore!


Winter Soul

Crisp clear air of deepest winter

Sky streaked so with pastel hue

Dig into my soul with icy finger

Make my heart with leaden blue

It is all that I can muster

It is all that I can do

Make each day the alter ego

Of this world that’s hurting too

One more step and I can finish

What I started years gone by

That is love each one so dearly

That the thought leaves tears I cry

Slowly sliding down my cheek

Down to drop from humour still

Down to mingle with the dust mote

Down to clatter with the rill

Water gathers always seeking

Garnering endless questing set

Fair to offer food for thought

Safe harbour for a thousand yet

Ice forms to make the access harder

Icy fingers still entwined

Cold around my heart so yearning

Warmth will ever make it thine

Denny Bradbury©2012


Hold Me Gently

Hold me gently
rock me deep
into the fathomless pool of a deep, deep sleep
there let me be till the sun reappears
and the heat of your love in the day
dries my tears

Tears come unbidden
they swell up and spill,
down my cheeks to fall softly in space
random drops of my fears
and my loneliness
for none to see as I am alone

without you beside me


Morning Birds

As silken waves upon the morning they swept along and down the run

Where cows stood silent mindlessly chewing wondering wherefore in the sun

So beautiful the birds en masse became breathtaking billows

shape shifting

Watching, wishing to be part of such glory

Was I merely observer?

Could I, should I be a part of their delight?

Or was I there to see?

Would the beauty still be if not for me?

Does wonder have to be observed to exist or,

like the proverbial tree in the forest,

does it have to be heard to make a sound?

Why muse on unanswerable queries in the presence

of such wonder?



Time & Place

What is this time; what is this place;

how do I find the friendly face; that wants to meet and greet and say;

“Did you enjoy this lovely day?”

How do I go and find the one who’ll listen when the day is done?

Where must I be to realise that all I want is here;

not there?

Is it my failing not to see

that what is meat and drink to me

is all to you as well you know the commonplace;

the bitter blow?

If I’m to see my true reward

companionship, loving regard with due respect

and this is what I do expect

then more than this is what I do to show compassion,

loving too.

My Granny said so many things,

this one I do remember well “cast your bread out far and wide

then it shall be returned to you

tenfold or more for

peace inside”.




       What is a wave?

A thought from the sea

A gift from Poseidon

Just for me

                   What is a sea thought?

                            Whence does it come

                                     Crashing about me

                     Bursting through foam

         Riding the crest

White horses charge on

Surrounding my being

         Too soon gone

                       My mind it is still now

                            Calm deep as the sea

                              Watery spirit has

                       Quieted me

         From here I go on

Sea thoughts and storm

Swirling or calming

          Always perform


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  1. Chris Jones said:

    Hi Denny
    These are so good, you clever clogs you.
    Chris J

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