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Set in the turbulent landscape of 9th century Britain when the individual kingdoms are constantly battling the invading Danes, we find a young village man, a healer, the course of whose life is changed irrevocably by the chance discovery of his injured king. Helping the king regain his health brings the king’s gratitude but sets Borvo on a path where his desire for learning but his need for freedom, the worship of his river god when the king would have all embrace the new Christian faith, brings him ultimately into conflict with his king. Finding the resolution to this conflict allows Borvo to come to terms with who he is and to fulfil his own destiny.

An enjoyable tale that leads you gently through the life of a young man, Borvo, his anguish, love and destiny in an era little known to the majority of us – it sheds a certain light on the dark ages.

V Godfrey


“I am happy to find your website! It is nice to discover another Hardy enthusiast. I read UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE in college and was “blown away”! His descriptions of rural life are incredibly beautiful.”

Rhonda Reed, USA
The Water Sprite and the Waterfall

“I think this story is an extremely heart warming story, which includes some very endearing characters which you can learn to love and enjoy to read about.  I also have to say that the story is extremely original and its nothing like I have ever heard before.  I also think it will appeal to many readers depending on ages and types of people.  Overall I think it is an excellent story and I would choose to read it again.”
Emily Bentley, Aged 12 from Woking
The Reunion
“A real page turner! The five women become friends and the aspects of their lives and the changes taking place over the course of the year, become addictive. I found myself relating to one of the women and sympathising with the trauma that she went through. I would definitely recommend this book as a gripping read.”
Liz Cragg, Aged 55 from Kingston

“This books starts with 5 friends who met a school. Every year they meet up to catch up on their lives. The story starts with the reunion at Lulworth Cove in Dorset and continues with gripping stories of how their lives unfold.
I found this book thrilling which was hard to put down at times. It is very well written and at times you get really get caught up in the lives of these women. Brilliant book and would recommend it.
Jane Simms, Aged 47 from Chessington

“I enjoyed this book. The five women become your friends. Reading this as someone much younger than these women you can see members of your own family in them. Life’s experiences can be hard and these women are strong and resilient. They rise above the bad experience and learn and grow from them. A hard book to put down once you have strated it, be warned!”

Tracy Hughes, Aged 34 from Bristol

“What an easy going and relaxed read, I couldn’t put the book down. I could relate to the story of the women getting together because I’m of a similar age. I recently went to the Dorset aswell so I could really picture the settings. I want their to be a sequel in some way because I want to know what happens to them after the Reunion. A good read, I certainly am recommending it to my friends.”
Gillian Leone, Aged 52 from Surbiton 

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