It sits astride the seasons riding into spring
Dull January slips on by cold wet wind and rain
March has yet to offer the hope of warmth to come
So February makes the most of fires within the home
Fires that come from baking cakes and puddings piping hot
Fires that surge right through us contentment is the rot
We want to curl up with a book given to us by our kin
To celebrate the winter when all go carolling
We shiver at the thought of frost and snow and ice it seems
Then rush out to go skating on the deeply frozen streams
Earth gives up and stays asleep renewing what it lacks
By keeping still and guarding while composting gives it back
All must be patient must embrace the sleeping month until
Shoots break through and burst with joy as we know they will
Cycle of the seasons round and round and round
We will renew as they do if we just stand our ground
Try not to order everyone and everything for gain
Our perspective is so tiny ‘gainst the mighty wind and rain

Denny Bradbury