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What makes a writer? Experience? Published works? Popularity? A writer is anybody who picks up a pen, metaphorically or otherwise, and commits their thoughts to paper or nowadays often a computer screen, and tells a story in one form or another.

Writing can take on the form of journals, articles, poems, novels and every writer has their own style, possibly drawing on past experiences to create a world of their own. Some writers will choose to write in short bursts, perhaps writing everything by hand before committing to type; others may take years to complete a novel that has been a lifetime in the making.

Whilst some authors may use writing as a cathartic experience, exorcising their own demons, others write for pure, unadulterated pleasure; whilst some may steep their novels in historical fact, others choose to base their works in complete fantasy. Whatever the approach, writing is a very personal, solitary activity – some will write in an almost autobiographical format and often in isolation

Denny Bradbury, in her first novel The Reunion and in her new novel Borvo due for release in June, draws upon her geographical and historical knowledge combined with her personal affinity of the location to set her works in the county of Wessex – whereas The Reunion is set in present day, Borvo harks back to the first century and the time of Alfred The Great, the King of Wessex. Just as Alfred was the actual king of Wessex by royal appointment, Thomas Hardy, one of Denny’s literary heroes, could be described as the literary King of Wessex, a writer of many novels and a vastly talented poet.  Just as Denny Bradbury in her writing style blends romantic optimism with the stark reality of life and death, Hardy’s style also uses humour to contrast the bleakness of situations ruled by nature and the harsh Victorian social conventions.

In many cases, writers are often inspired by other writers, and styles will differ depending on the aim behind the words, be it to educate, inform, shock, titillate, inspire, teach or merely to entertain. Style can also differ depending on the genre, with romances, crime thrillers, biographies and historical works all requiring a different approach as each will appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences.

One thing is certain, no matter what style, format, or way of writing is adopted, to be a writer is to allow oneself the luxury of indulging in a favourite pastime and openly sharing creativity with others.

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