Whatever our station in life I expect most of us can remember our Grannies saying odd things to us, seemingly out of the blue. “Button to chin ’til May be in; cast not a clout ’til May be out.” I recall the endless discussion as to whether they meant the month of May or the May tree. As my Granny could not be quieted if anyone bought May blossom into the house, so unlucky was it deemed to be, I rather think she meant the May blossom.  Her take on diversity was to say about anyone who was ‘different’ “It’s a good job we are not all poplar trees.”

It was when I tried to write down all those sayings of hers that I could remember after she died, so many years ago now, that I realised how precious were those lost moments.  Now I smile at each new season as it brings back memories that sustain me through the exciting times to come, whether they be good or not so good.  Spring so quickly gives way to summer that we perhaps might try to savour each season for its own sake. Look forward yes, but not at the expense of the present.

Denny Bradbury