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Any kind of creative work has a part of the creator in it. That is how I feel and it took me a long time to let go and allow other people to read my writing. Firstly I tried people I trusted and then took a bold step and read things out to strangers. It is one of the trickiest things to know when to stop fiddling with the text or story and just say to oneself, ‘It is done’, then let it go.

It helped me when I took a watercolour painting class and the excellent teacher, kindly and gently said, ‘Know when to leave it alone’ as she took the paint brush from my hovering hand and made me stand back and view my efforts. It wasn’t perfect but it was all I could achieve at that moment with that painting.  Ultimately it was very satisfying because whatever flaws are contained within the creation they are sometimes integral to the outcome and message, and one persons perceived flaw could seem to another as a stroke of genius.

Denny Bradbury