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The statue of King Alfred in Wantage - by Colin Smith

Wantage is a small market town in Oxfordshire – best known for being the birth place of King Alfred.

Its history can be traced back to Roman times, there was a small settlement there.

King Alfred was born in the royal palace in the 9th century, around the year 849. In 1877 a statue of King Alfred was commissioned by Lord Wantage. It was created by Count Gleichen, a famous sculptor at the time. The marble statue still stands in the market place. King Alfred’s legacy remains in the town with schools and pubs bearing his name.

Wantage and King Alfred appear in a new book from Denny Bradbury. Combining the rich history of Wantage and the legend of King Alfred, Denny has created a story of a peasant boy who comes to the aid of the king. Borvo looks out how a great King can ever be helped by a young boy.

Wantage is situated in the Vale of White Horse, considered to be a prime area for horse racing. Many of its village’s house stables and gallops can be found at Black Bushes.

Wantage also appears in the Doomsday book, with its value stated as £61. At the time it was owned by the monarch, but it’s thought it was given to the Earl of Albemarle in 1140.

In Borvo Denny Bradbury explores the relationship between a great King and a young pagan healer. The historical significance of towns like Wantage play a huge part in the novel.

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The Reunion Denagerie of Poems by Denny Bradbury