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Dorset Coast

Dorset Coast

Walking over the impressive hills of West Dorset has to be one of the most inspiring things for a writer to do. It runs close second to sitting and contemplating by the relentless sea. There are some stunning places to visit all over the world, I have been to a few but we should perhaps try to remember that we have some spectacular places here in the UK. A few years ago I spent some time in Northumberland and was blown away by its beauty. Lindisfarne has a special magic and is on my list of places that I feel I must see again and again.

Back to Dorset, this morning as the sun chases the rain away the whole world seems that little bit brighter. The pain in the world doesn’t go away but by acknowledging what is good may just help to rebalance and reach out fingers of hope to replace despair.

Denny Bradbury