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As with all families and friends there are times when the world seems to have nothing to offer but pain and hurt. Separation, dementia, cancer or financial concerns in this economic gloom may cause such grief that some cannot find a way through the morass. One of the poems written in my ‘A Denagerie of Poems’ offers hope. It is my thought that there is always a vision of hope on the horizon which is there to sustain us through the bad times.

Close the doors to all the pain; close them tight don’t let them in; those problems and those thoughts of yours; they’re past and dead and gone off course

No more the wounded victim plain; no more the thief can take and sin; no more will that poor devil curse; no more no more the hurt and worse

New doors will open you will see; fresh winds will blow through endlessly; you only have to pick and choose; and ride the waves that rise for you

Denny Bradbury