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When I first thought of writing about Borvo he was going to be another in a list of short stories about the magic of water and how we often feel a deep need to be by it. Seaside, river, waterfall or lake all seem to offer a link to nature and inner calm, perhaps even a feeling of belonging to something greater than we will ever be able to express adequately.  The young Borvo felt this and so when I began the process of writing his story he took over and in the end he led me on a journey that was greater than I first had in mind.  I knew where he was going but for a while didn’t know how he was going to get there. The inspiration was enhanced by an early visit to Shaftesbury Abbey while I was a student as Bristol University. The place spoke to me and so, years later, when Borvo came to me  it seemed natural to make it part of his story.

Denny Bradbury