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The front cover of Denny Bradbury’s “Borvo” has finally been unveiled. 

The Anglo Saxon tale details the transformation of a pagan boy turning into a man and the decisions he must make along the way. 

Denny Bradbury on her new cover:
“On choosing a new cover, I obviously wanted something visually pleasing to the eye, but didn’t want to give too much away at the same time.  Nature and trees were sacred during the pagan era, so it seemed very fitting to have an image of a stylised oak tree for the front cover.  Originally I did toy with the idea of having an image of Borvo or King Alfred, but I didn’t want to cement the image of the characters into people’s minds, I’d much prefer for people to read the novel and indulge in their own imaginations. 

The colour scheme for the cover is very simple, blue and black.  The blue is a symbol of water.  I use water as a device throughout my novels.  The black, along with the image of a tree represents a journey from childhood to adult hood.  It’s about what you learn on that journey, which is a revelation we all go through in life at one point or another.

Originally, I had the option to have a shaded figure praising the tree, however I opted to take it out, it just didn’t seem right and so I went with my gut instinct and stuck with the simple yet striking shape of nature.”

To pre-order your copy please email: denisebradbury@btinternet.com.