It still gives me a thrill to see my work in published form. Having spent so long with the written word either on screen or in draft paper form it seems to take on a whole new life when it comes as a book.  This is also true of ebook form as the finished ‘whole’ has an entity all of its own. Borvo has been with me a long time and I find it hard to leave him to get on with his story, it is as though he was a real person. Indeed, others authors say similar things about their characters, sometime we want our ‘people’ to do something and it feels wrong so they end up going their own way and almost taking us with them on their journey.

I will miss him, perhaps until I feel moved to explore the possibility of continuing his journey in a sequel, I must let him go. Now it is up to others to enjoy his legend and hopefully be caught up in his dilemma.

Denny Bradbury (DNI Bradbury)