It was traditionally the poet or storyteller who travelled from place to place keeping the population abreast of distant happenings from inaccessible parts of the world. This could be just a few dozen miles away but communications then were not instant in the way they are today. I see the disturbing news of the city riots and am overwhelmed with the idea of the disaffected mixed with the agitators and the criminal. We have a long tradition of good and fair laws, many foundations for which were laid down by theAnglo Saxons. There will be poets who write of these times but whether they will have any relevance for those who have taken part is doubtful, unless we can as a society get them to engage in the process. Wordsworth was caught up in the romance of the French Revolution but was soon appalled at the turn of events with the ‘terror’. Violence is never an answer to social problems, it just begets more violence and deep seated mistrust.

Denny Bradbury