When my muse sits on my shoulder I often do not know where she will take me. The following is included in  ‘A Denagerie of Poems’. At times of uncertainty I find it sustaining, even though I wrote it some time ago, is that not the beauty of poetry, its timelessness?

As we walk through the shadows on the shore                                                                    we follow the life that we live                                                                                                  each shadow’s length reflects our painful journey                                                         with light and sun warming the pain                                                                                     until we stay with happiness once more

Our footsteps pounding on the broken floor                                                                       we walk in prose but think in rhyme                                                                            couplets flooding in to break the empty space                                                                    that is our thought’s resting place                                                                                            thus we are whole and dwell there evermore.

Denny Bradbury