My theatre going friends and I went to see the Lady Killers at Milton Keynes Theatre this week.  A snowy evening but the theatre was full which was great as the production was very good and the cast superb.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I revel in some of the best of British talent that goes on the road (in all weathers) to bring a delightful few hours of escapism.  We are lucky in this country to have accessible theatre.  Also fortunate in our less accessible theatrical experiences as I went to the Royal opera House to see La Boheme, again an evening of pure magic and emotion.  Agreed it is quite expensive for a reasonable seat but worth every penny if you look upon it as a real treat and go less often. Perhaps that is something the ROH could work on (although I do realise this debate has been ongoing for years).

However back to the Lady Killers, everyone who left the theatre to go into the cold cold snow seemed to be smiling so the actors and production crew have done their work well, for which I thank them.

Denny Bradbury