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Saturday April 13th and in the quiet village of Wingrave in Buckinghamshire, a film crew were gathering….

Denny Bradbury, the acclaimed author and poet famous for novels such as ‘Borvo’, an Anglo Saxon tale, and her first poetry collection ‘Denagerie of Poems’, is waiting to be interviewed about her recently published second book of poems entitled ‘De:versify’.

The opening scene is filmed outside the village’s picturesque church as the presenter and interviewer, Julie Davis, welcomes the viewers to Wingrave and sets the scene for who we are about to meet.

A short walk from the church and we are outside Denny’s house; a knock on the door and we are led in to meet the author herself.

Much of her writing takes place in a small study, full of books and personal memorabilia that inspire her to write the poems she does, be it a photo of a trip into the mountains of another country, or a letter from the office of HRH the Prince of Wales, recognising the issues that Denny tackles in her poetry such as the destruction by man of our green and pleasant land as a cause close to His Highness’ own heart.

Through the course of the interview we learn more about Denny the author, poet and person – she talks of how often inspiration for her poems can suddenly come to her whilst she is out walking or in the middle of the night when she cannot sleep, sometimes in their entirety, other times in short bursts that take a while for the full poem to form.

Her love of nature and the creatures that exist within it shine through the poems in her new collection – ‘Hare in the Moonlight’, one of her favourite poems from her new collection, was borne from an appreciation of a painting of such a subject whilst ‘Stars Tonight’ was written under the Dorset sky where the lack of light pollution means a clear, star-gazers paradise.

Denny shares with us how some of her poems are personal to her own life whilst others are brought to life by other events she has witnessed on the news or in print that have in some way touched her.

Future works consist of a sequel to ‘Borvo’ and as we walk with Denny and her dog, Rufus, through the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, she shares with us how walking aids the creative process.

A charming and extremely talented lady and we, as her readers, look forward to what the next few years hold for Denny and her creative offerings.