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Within one week I went from Winchester Cathedral and the splendid Cathedral Chamber Choir to the Cadogan Hall last night and the Rat Pack at Christmas.  The first concert, Advent sacred music including the rather wonderful Taverner ‘Magnificat’ and the beautiful Godlschmidt ‘A tender shoot’ lifted the soul to a special place.  The second musical experience touched the innate sense of fun and release of Christmas tension.  The portrayal of Dean Martin was especially good although ‘Sammy Davis’ rendition of Mr BoJangles was electric. Both ends of the musical spectrum have their place and I enjoy the wide variety, much as I hope we can all fit in the love for the fundamental idea of Christmas as a time of peace and goodwill.

While we were fixated on Frank and friends we were unaware of the tragedy unfolding at the Apollo Theatre.  I pray that the people injured will all make a full recovery.  Thanks emergency services, what would we do without you all.

Whatever your preference I hope you have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Very best wishes

Denny Bradbury