A poem inspired by silliness and a vacant mind looking at the clouds –

Was it Aphrodite’s nightie that brought the gods to heel?

Was it Aphrodite’s smile perhaps that taught them how to feel?

Mayhap it was the beauty of her nose and mouth and eyes

that saw the sun and clouds so well reflected in the skies.

Aphrodite’s nightie was of yellowish pink and blue

with hints of purple, deep sea green and every other hue;

it swirled about her perfect form with subtle wisps of breeze

the fluttering of such pure sheer cloth brought all men to their knees.

Of gossamer warp and silken weft she loved the way it fell

over her toes that brushed the ground onlookers couldn’t tell

whether or not she wore her braided slippers spun with fire;

or if she went barefooted each toe flashing with desire.

It cannot be that beauty such as hers was all she had

to love and lust for her the gods and men went wild and mad,

she gave her love to swans and her protection to the dove

adored by her were sparrows and ’twas myrtle that she loved.

She may have loved a god or two like Ares for a while,

but then she went and looking back left them with a smile;

Aphrodite’s nightie haunts their dreams and waking hours.

Aphrodite with graceful step just gazes on the flowers. ©

Have a peaceful day, Denny Bradbury