Crocus and daffodils, forget me nots and wallflowers, woodpeckers and bumblebees;

as I walk through the emerging spring all these heighten my senses.  Knowing that the cycle of seasons is on track once more engenders a sense of belonging to a greater whole than our tiny existence.  We are part of it but it is not only about ‘us’.

In Dorset recently I saw the biggest black bumblebee, (no identification possible but if rare bombus soroeensis then how great) newly emerged hunting for food.  My spirits lifted and I went on my way hoping that she would create her nest and her offspring would survive to breed again and help with vital pollination, we won’t survive without it.

Listening to the woodpeckers I ignored the ringing of my mobile phone as I didn’t want to waste a second of the beautiful noise.

very best wishes for a warm and trouble free spring.

Denny Bradbury