It is important to remember WW1. To move forward with compassion and understanding we have to remember the past. Let us commemorate the start of this ugly war. I remember my Grandfather who, we understand, drove an ammunition lorry to the Front. He came back physically unscathed but hardened in heart and immune to any entreaty to move on. He did not tell of the horrors he saw so I am unable to share his burden of memory. He is long dead now and I hope resting in peace.

It has to be peace that is our goal. Let us listen to the rational among us and remember the appalling sacrifice of so many on every side, but with the intention of honouring them without glorifying war.

I salute the brave who fight for freedom.
I salute the brave who talk for peace.
I salute the brave who walk alone in a land of warmongers, wherever that may be.

Let us remember for the right reasons.

Very best wishes, Denny Bradbury