Night brings such different thoughts from those that creep up on in broad daylight:

Midnight creeps to one
one to two and on and on
the night that seemed so still and sweet
drops nightmares at our feet
we cannot sleep
eluded by
dear harmony of soul that keeps
the balance of the good and bad
lack of sleep brings melancholy
deep and sad
thoughts that ever turn on grit
the kind that gets inside your brain
and irritates until you spit out fire
in rhyme
discordant notions clang and clash
so when the dawn comes slowly up
the words the were so clear and bright
that sent the frenzied fingers dashing
a tune on keys that never meant to sound
echo with an emptiness
of lonely hours spent and gone
with a sigh we carry on
no longer lingering on doubt
more certain now in light we crave
affection reaffirmation of our lives
distant now from nightly terror
we laugh and make a joke of it.