More inspiration from our bountiful countryside:

Hips and Haws

Rose hips are showy, look at me, look at me;
haws meanwhile hide beside dull by degree
their deep red outshone by such brilliant hue
of their fulsome neighbour, what can they do?

If only they knew what we all ought to know
that shining so brightly’s only part of the show
Dull have their story and absolute right
to be considered along with the Bright

With people also the same it is true
we can’t all be perfect, there’s just me and you
let’s look at the facts and why some are full face
but remember that everyone fits in their place

Hedgerows are brimming with good things to eat
hips, haws and blackberries fall at our feet
birds eye them closely with singular needs
winter’s survivable with larders like these

It takes not a genius or even the law
to tell us again what we’re all here for
like berries we sit on the hedgerow of fate
ripe for the picking whether early or late.

Denny Bradbury©2014