This is my contribution to the Armistice Day thoughts and feelings. I hope the poem speaks for my grateful thanks for this who serve and a heartfelt wish for peace among nations and all peoples.

God Knows Who
Poppies still grow
trees yet stand
guardians over a war torn land

Spirits long dead
in the ground
corn grows peacefully all around

fileds have seen
so much distress
we’ll leave them to what they do best

let hedgerows run
wild with rose
as we sit and remember those

for whom there will
be no more treat
of apple and blackberry pie to eat

they fought our cause
commend them now
think of white crosses row on row

many have names
some do not
God knows who is in every plot

it matters today
keep in mind
those whom war left far behind

let’s live in peace
find a way
to honour, remember, smile and say

heartfelt thanks to
those who fall
for our today they give their all.