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The gift of a poetry book is the gift that just keeps on giving. I love to browse and find hidden gems. This is from my book of sea poems. The poem called ‘Atlantis’ is by Conrad Aiken, three of the middle verses are very poignant:

From Atlantis by Conrad Aiken

Long ago it sunk in the sea;
And now a thousand fathoms deep,
Sea-worms above it whirl their lamps,
Crabs on the pale mosaic creep.

Voyagers over that haunted sea
Hear from the waters under the keel
A sound that is not wave or foam;
Nor do they only hear, but feel

The timbers quiver, as eerily comes
Up from the dark an elfin singing
Of voices happy as none can be,
And bells an ethereal anthem ringing.

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury