A time to hope and a longing for peace brought about this poem.


Advent in November
Ninth month of the Roman year
For us it is a gloomy time
wet mud and little cheer.

That is until the last weekend
before December reigns
when Advent comes inviting
us to sing with hope again.

A time that’s full of angels
on wings of pure delight
with tales of good news coming
wings shining in full flight.

Candles’ light reminds us
of people who have gone
but left us with a challenge
to believe in God’s own son.

Joseph with Mary’s journey
astride a donkey, kind;
a difficult and lonely road
we should bear them in mind.

The coming of a saviour
the anticipated sight
of a gift for all the world
a little boy of Light!

Denny Bradbury © 2015

Best wishes Denny Bradbury