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This is from a beautiful poem of his called ‘ The Circulation’. I have chosen this verse and whatever its original meaning for him in the 17th century it will have a certain resonance for anyone suffering from S.A.D. Let’s raise a glass to the coming of the light and wait for the sun to appear.

Flame that Ejects its Golden Beams,
Sups up the Grosser Air;
To Seas, that pour out their Streams
In Springs, those Streams repair;
Received Ideas make even Dreams.
No Fancy painteth foule or fair
But by the Ministry of Inward Light,
That in the Spirits Cherisheth its Sight.
The Moon returneth Light, and som men say
The very Sun no Ray
Nor Influence could hav, did it
No forrein Aids, no food admit.
The Earth no Exhalations would afford,
Were not its Spirits by the Sun restored.

I wish you all, wherever you may be, a blessed Christmas time and a peaceful New Year.

Best wishes – Denny Bradbury