I offer you a sentimental rambling for peace and harmony. Peace and love has become rather a cliché but it really is the only way – in my book anyway.

Happy New Year!
Was the old one so bad?

Yes if you look
you’d have to be mad
not to see what the problems were
where we went wrong
why didn’t we do enough
to get along?

The world is our oyster
so it is said
but no oyster would thrive
on this unmade bed
that we call our home,
we use it with ease
and destroy what is given
so let’s all think, please.

The future is begging you
don’t lose the plot
let the children tomorrow
like what they have got.

We hand on to them
a dysfunctional world
at our peril so look for the good
and the calm
respect each other
then do no harm.

Love and peace is the only way
Be kind to each other on this New Year’s Day.
Denny Bradbury © 2016

Very best wishes for a peaceful and loving 2016 – Denny Bradbury