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This glorious sonnet so wonderfully expresses the feeling of despair lifted by being still in Nature, in this instance – the West wind. Reading this I am always there with him, listening.

Edward Thomas – The Wind’s Song

Dull-thoughted, walking among the nunneries
Of many a myriad anemones
In the close copses, I grew weary of Spring
Till I emerged and in my wandering
I climbed the down up to a lone pine clump
Of six, the tallest dead, one a mere stump.
On one long stem, branchless and flayed and prone
I sat in the sun listening to the wind alone,
Thinking there could be no old song so sad
As the wind’s song; but later none so glad
Could I remember as that same wind’s song
All the time blowing the pine boughs among.
My heart that had been still as the dead tree
Awakened by the West wind was made free.

Very best wishes – how wonderful if the World found some stillness in which to recover its balance – Denny Bradbury