I write poetry as and when my muse sits on my shoulder and gives me a gentle nudge. During my regular visits to the coast I find the moods of the ever changing sea endlessly inspirational. Now I’m back inland for a while I re-read this and I am right back at the sea wallowing in its majesty.

Sea Mist

Sea mist rolls in one more day
this morning should be fine,
the forecast said ‘its sunny –
all areas given time.

Inland I’m sure they’re basking
in sunshine full of fun,
saying ‘What a lovely day
let’s party everyone’.

Here we have the sea fog,
a rolling mystery
that covers hills of every hue,
if only we could see.

Denny Bradbury©

Have a good day whether or not the sun is shining on you – it must be shining on someone, somewhere. Best wishes – Denny Bradbury