As is my wont, I happened to pick up my book of Rilke poetry and browse. I love to randomly choose a page which leads me to ponder on thoughts from a great poet. From the beginning of human time on this Earth, as soon as the need for food and shelter became less immediate we have searched the skies and our surroundings for a ‘spiritual truth’. This is what I believe to be in Rilke’s mind:

Does it exist, though, Time the destroyer?
When will it scatter the tower on the resting hill?
This heart, the eternal gods eternal enjoyer,
when shall the Demiurge ravish and spill?

Are we really such trembling breakable
things as Destiny tries to pretend?
Does childhoods’ promise, deep, unmistakable,
down in the roots, then, later, end?

Ah mutability’s sceptre!
out through the simple accepter
you, like a vapour, recede.

We, though we wax but for waning,
fill none the less for remaining
powers a celestial need.

I wish you all joy in your search for your ‘spiritual truth’.
Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury