WW1 – New Poem


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I regularly visit St Mary’s Church Bramshott in Hampshire. It has a Commonwealth War Grave site there to commemorate Canadian soldiers who died in the two world wars. It is a smallish site compared to those perhaps on the continent but still it is a special and peaceful place. I go there to sit and think about war and sacrifice – saddened by the seemingly endless need to fight. But one must not be maudlin so I try to remember all the good people in the world who work tirelessly for peace, respect and harmony.

Here is my poem to the people in Bramshott Churchyard:

One Hundred Years
(In honour of the soldiers in Bramshott Graveyard)

The graveyard where you soldiers sleep,
all tidy in neat rows;
is tranquil, calm, restorative;
Your fate, God only knows.

Spring sunshine plays about your stones,
pure white or grey of years,
the morning is a peaceful one,
sad memories bring tears.

War Graves Commission keeps the grass
so carefully its mown,
rest quietly with honour kept,
you stepped up each alone.

The wider world is still at war.
We never get it right,
But while there is still fear and greed
humans will always fight.

One hundred years, one hundred years
since your war was resolved;
but what a world we know today,
of that you are absolved.

So rest in peace with grateful thanks.
We owe you much and more.
I’m sorry though we’re still at odds
since you have fought your war.

Your graves have peace, what irony!
No wonder that I grieve
to think of all you lost and gave.
So now I take my leave.

Denny Bradbury2018© very best wishes for a good day and a peaceful world.

A Poem for Lent



As we draw close to a very early Easter I realise I have neglected my website. Trauma in the family can take our mind away from what we hope to do so I offer this poem for late Lent and hope that it strikes a chord:

Forty Days

Forty days and forty nights
now that’s a long long time
to be without, with no one near
to cheer you with a rhyme,
or sunny smile or cheerful chat,
such loneliness can kill
the isolated; who are left
may feel that burden still.

But Jesus in his hour of need
sought solace from his Dad,
who gave him strength to carry on
though hunger drove him mad;
but not enough to listen to
the voices in his head
that told him he could aspire,
he turned away instead.

Just as we might also seek
the comfort of the Light,
that brightens each and every day
so we are safe from fright.

Fear drives too many down the path
the wrong and thorny way;
let us rejoice in company
and welcome in the stray.

For who knows where,
why, what or when
we may that stranger be
Let hope and faith open our door
ask Jesus in for tea.

I wish you a joyful and peaceful Easter time and let us work for a greener and better world DennyBradbury©

A Nugget from Marcus Aurelius



I have recently discovered the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. In a modern world not everything he says has full resonance but this jumped off the page at me:

From Book 4 –

“So one should pass through this tiny fragment of time in tune with nature, and leave it gladly, as an olive might fall when ripe, blessing the earth which bore it and grateful to the tree which gave it growth.”

Very best wishes for a greener earth – Denny Bradbury 💚

Early Morning Thoughts



Village Life – 21st Century

Our lawn is not big its slopes to the field where two wild horses run;
its surrounded by trees and the bindweed just grows;
but today the majestic and cocky and lone
pheasant decided to call it his home;
he strutted and looked and then strutted some more
then caught sight of himself in a mirror
what’s more he decided that the fellow
looking out at the world
was an arrogant cove as he didn’t retreat
he just copied whatever he did in a way
that is both annoying and threatening to say
that he wasn’t at all in awe of a rival
but to rid his new place of this interloper
meant survival;
around and around did the first pheasant go
then came back to look and there he was even so
he decided to leave and go back to the lawn
where he found bits of food in this cold light of morn;
this February frost was no good for his searching
but the little he found was all right for now,
it was warm and ’twas sheltered so that was a bonus
and no resident feline to give him a scare;
he thought with what little brain was in motion
that this was a good place to wait for the spring.


Bright February sun, still weak from winter, does its best to warm the road, damp from melting frost.

Bare trees stark against the pale morning sky hold within them the power to entrance and bring joy when finally they let forth their blossom and nascent leaves, tender and so beautifully green, a feast to the eye.

Early dustmen drag wheelie bins across the tarmac of the road, clearing away our debris, what civilisation!

Neatly we dispose then go to buy more plastic wrapped carrots for our own convenience – then latterly we are brought up with a shock as we see on the news endless aquatic acres of plastic in the pure blue white of the antarctic, bombarded as we are with pictures of sea turtles mistaking floating plastic bags for jellyfish, dying whales with guts full of plastic pebbles, responsibility burns in on me as I sit and contemplate spring.

Newly acquired pheasant on the lawn still struts his stuff safe in the knowledge of a protected space.

Are we like the pheasant – complacently living in our own wall of comfort and safety that we are daily blind to how we use the earth – all sceptered isles set in dazzling seas surrounded by murderous miles of floating debris?

Let the activists’ voices ring in our ears and bombard us daily with unpalatable pictures and beat us regularly about our conscience until we all see that we are capable of being other than we are.

DennyBradbury© All good wishes for plastic free oceans and a peaceful world.



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Light the winter away and look forward to the light of spring and all the renewal that comes with it. We need to have the down time of winter so that spring can bring us such joy in all its splendour.

(Purify and pray)

Present the child and purify,
purify and pray;
pray that all the prejudice
goes out from us today.

Light a candle, light one more,
light a thousand strong;
so we can see in darkest night
and right will conquer wrong.

Present the child and purify,
purify and pray;
pray that all injustices
are broken down today.

Light a candle, light one more,
light can do no wrong;
it lights the darkest corner,
illuminates our song.

The song of hope and faith and love;
The song of praise and awe,
that through winter’s bitter cold
the sun will rise once more.

Present the child and purify
purify and pray;
pray as we hold our candles high
that all will find their way.

Denny Bradbury© with all good wishes for a peaceful end to winter