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Night Time

Why writing at night can be a wonderful experience

Often when the night comes and sleep eludes us we let our minds roam to places both pleasant and dark. One such night a while ago I mused on the difference between day and night, specifically 4 o’clock. A poem emerged which gave tribute to Catherine of Braganza who brought with her a love of tea and consequently tea time. The night time verses show how we can turn the darkness to our advantage and clear away some unproductive thoughts, here are a couple of verses from a longer poem:

Those distant sun filled memories of tea upon the lawn; Drive us mad with fever as we wait upon the dawn

With what demonic pleasure do the night elves sit and wait; to curse you with each measure of the seconds on your plate

Yet night is often when our darkest thoughts come home; they’re sorted into status, by morning they are gone

Denny Bradbury

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