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What is the link between music and poetry

music and poetry, a fine line?

Music and Poetry are very similar forms. The big difference in a nutshell is the execution of each. Poetry of course is written and so therefore can be read, music on the other hand is again written, but is meant to be heard. If you’re not to hot on your musical literature then reading it isn’t much use to you. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t carry a similar purpose. Both are out to appeal to a certain kind of human nature and act as catalyst to stir the soul.

The link between music and poetry is not an easy one to explain, both are very different entities and then again very similar. Music is poetry in motion. I think that sums it up pretty well. The similarities between the two different forms are great and are not usually spotted by the general public and the media for that fact. When composing or writing a song, rhythm is taken into consideration. And so to is it with poetry. You could argue that rhythm is a lot more important in music than what it is with poetry. A flowing melody, and smooth words all add to greater meaning of the piece. Expression is also a key ingredient. As a writer and poet, Denny Bradbury has often said that as a writer your work just flows once you have an idea or a feeling in your head. It’s the same with music. Once you’re in the zone, you’re good to go.

But Expression of what? Emotion. Many singer songwriters, poets and ordinary writers usually have something on their mind. Its this particular topic or feeling which acts as the muse for many artists. Its these three key ingredients which is present in both music and poetry. There is a form of poetry which can be transformed into music, and those are known as lyrical poems. Lyrical poems are mostly used in music, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping them as they are in the written form. Specific words are chosen that produce a certain kind of rhythm, and the words provide the reader with the thoughts and feelings of their author. Lyrical Poems are more prominent in today’s than you might think. Rap music is made up of rhythm, rhyme and peppered with alliteration. It is still poetry and yet it is music at the same time.