I have been reading an excellent book by Norman Davies called, Vanished Kingdoms.  It concentrates on how the different European tribes, groups etc ebbed and flowed around the space we now call Europe eventually settling into countries by either war or marriage.  If we concentrate on these islands it is plain to see that we are not one but many peoples who over time have fought the inhabitants, took over or just slipped quietly in and settled.  We are a nation bound by a mindset of freedom and justice.  If we taught the complete history in our schools instead of concentrating on the exciting Tudors, empire building Victorians or major recent wars perhaps we may have a future generation of British adults who understand that respect and tolerance is the preferred option. Violence and intolerance will breed similar reactions and that is the slippery slope to anarchy and destruction.

I am not trying to lecture but I am frustrated, alongside many others I am sure, that some people believe the only way to win an argument is to punch the other person on the nose. Should we revisit some of the old Anglo Saxon laws we may be surprised at the tolerance and sense of fair play some of them contained. My hero, King Alfred the Great, will be turning on his plinth that we have moved on so little from the 9th century.

Love and peace

Denny Bradbury