As children we were often woken by our father playing classical music on the gramophone.  It was through this experience that I learnt to love opera and Beethoven among others.  What I couldn’t love was Wagner’s music.  It was overwhelming and when I understood the controversy around his personal life I was determined not to like his music.  Recently I sat reading the morning newspaper and was listening BBC Radio 3 ( a much undervalued station in my opinion).  Without knowing what I was listening to I was suddenly suffused with incredible emotion and longed for the music to go on forever.  It was of course Wagner.  I still can’t get my head around wonderful creativity emanating from people with whom I would have noting in common politically or morally.  However this recent experience has taught me to be more forgiving and to allow great art into my life without prejudice.

Perhaps through music and poetry we can all reach better understanding.

In peace with best wishes

Denny Bradbury