We are all so aware of the terrible troubles afflicting the world at the moment, but hasn’t it always been so?  Until humankind stops wanting what others have to boost their ego and until poets and peace-loving people take over we will continue down this awful path of fear and mayhem.

Walking with my faithful dog this morning I saw once more the beauty in the autumnal spiders’ webs caught on gates and among the tall grasses that my faith in nature was restored.

Gossamer tablecloth covering green, tiny creatures never to be seen. Gassamer threads weaving over all, holding early dew in autumn’s thrall.

This is the first verse of a poem I wrote last autumn which view filled me so with wonder at the infinite variety of our world, awesome beauty in the tiniest of places.

Let’s give the poets a chance!

A peaceful day to you all – Denny Bradbury