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My recent walk on Offa’s Dyke with my sister brought me face to trunk with a magnificent larch tree. It stood so majestically it seemed to speak to me.  Fanciful perhaps but I sensed a real energy about this particular tree.  I have been trying to finish a poem about it but something is hindering me. It may be that deep down I feel that whatever I write will hardly do it justice, yet I keep trying.  Here are two of the verses which I share with you.

What mighty larch with such wisdom

do you stand there determined and still

watching over the world as your kingdom

with such patience and time honoured drill

The darkness beneath your fine branches

hides creatures and memories galore

with such wondrous arms are the tranches

of history steeped so in death’s claw

We ignore our trees at our peril.

Best wishes- Denny Bradbury