While browsing through an ancient book of Southey’s poems and plays I lighted upon his monodrama – Sappho. This took me to the internet to find some of Sappho’s work as I am not as familiar with her poetry as I would wish to be. She was so highly regarded by the ancient Greeks that Plato thought she should be the tenth Muse.

Part of her Hymn to Aphrodite

Lady of beauty.
Hither come as once before thou camest,
When from afar thou heard’st my voice lamenting,
Heard’st and camest, leaving thy glorious father’s Palace golden,
Yoking thy chariot. Fair the doves that bore thee;
Swift to darksome earth their course directing,
Waving their thick wings from the highest heaven
Down through the ether.

How wonderful to be able to reach out and touch the ancient world through their writing. What will future generations make of us I wonder?

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury