All stars and moon are out I see

as sleep evades the restless me;

the day was good, walks by the sea

but now I’m wandering, no bed for me.

Its four in the morning with no one about,

Is nobody there? I’m longing to shout,

it seems so to me as no light do I spy

in any window as far as the eye

can see from my window high on the hill,

even my dog sleeps soundly and still,

he’s into a slumber I long for so deep

that untroubled wonder, restorative sleep;

I look at his paws hanging over his bed

he has no worries as long as he’s fed.

My brain will not stop its whirring this night

So put on the kettle, drink tea ’til its light.

Best wishes to all insomniacs – Denny Bradbury