Different Journeys – Same Star – Epiphany

Walking through the woods with soft decay under my feet,
winter trees bare and silent stand as they have for centuries,
lean labrador snuffles in the undergrowth loving new smells,
fallen branches lay like bones stripped bare by hungry deer.

Three men travel across the desert with the cold of night
deep within their bones, they do not notice as they lift their
eyes to the sky assiduously following the star that has led them
from their books and reckonings, their homes and comfort.

I look to the stars for life’s meaning, the often drab and
dreary places wherein we try to find a reason for so much
that is unexplained and often inexplicable to me in my
lack of understanding, I so want the story to be true!

Yet long ago those three wise and mysterious men thought
that they knew the meaning and went through danger to
find the answers to a myriad questions and worship at the feet
of one so small, but who brought Light to their existence.

Do the trees know what we do not? Does my dog suspect
the truth? Do we have to know what we cannot prove?
Is not feeling the Spirit enough? Can the Light not shine
brightly so that we shield our eyes and just trust and believe?

I wonder!

The Magi journeyed to find their King;
My journey too is within my own imagining;
But wherever we find the Truth and the Light
It is our reality and that is all we need to know.

Denny Bradbury©2016