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Bear with me as I journey through the 40 days of Lent. I offer my first 5 days’ thoughts on the true meaning of denial:


ash marks my forehead
communion wafer lies heavy on my tongue
beginning of Lent

giving up for weeks
no comforting food to stem the feelings of loss
Lent has begun


March winds blow cruel cold
how was that first journey into mountain bleakness
no comfort there

Giving up – giving up
What will bring the edge of sacrifice to my pampered life
I truly wonder


Sorrowful leaden sky
reflects the sadness in my heart at what has passed
I fear the present

In stark mountains hidden
cold seeping into his body and his tortured mind
He surely wondered


I feel the rhythm of denial
the sun shines on my meagre protest which is all I can manage
suffering – what suffering

Wandering in the wilderness
weight of humanity on your thin shoulders ridden by doubt
that is suffering


Guilt covers my face
I’ve fallen from the tree of grace as quickly as I climbed
Spirit is weak

There was no guilt back then
How can you fall from God’s grace when you are god
his own suffering

Denny Bradbury©

Very best wishes