The last foray into daily thoughts – as random as life –


Daffodil yellow filled the eye
now they have gone so transitory but so beautiful
no doubt why

everything has its life span
usefulness and beauty fill the hours while we live work and love
it is the world’s way


Cold cold sun of Holy Week
bitter wind blows from the east making us wait for joy
we wait yet

Warmth of a smile
a friendly face or a kind word and the biting wind
lessens to nothing


In these Islands
battered by Atlantic storms prey to capricious bitter easterly winds
we are driven by the weather

Today is dull and cold
and so are my thoughts as they turn forward to dreams
of summer and warmth


The wait is almost over
it has been a long forty days and nights
how much more for a soul

wandering in the mountains
the cold nights and relentless days leading him to pain
and death


The wait is over
the day has come it is a bleak day but the darkness of the hour
will be transient

The sun will rise again
as we trust and believe
It will be glorious

Denny Bradbury©2017