How quickly a journey passes as you near the end. I offer you the next instalment of my random thoughts, thank you for staying with me.


Stand still and listen
what do you hear – the sound of peace or does misery draw near
hounding your senses

stand still and look
with all that you have be aware of the beauty
surrounding you be glad


Did Mary stand with Joseph
with her children by her side trying to decipher the enigma
in their lives

How did their first born son
become so difficult to read alone within the mountains now
but just what did he need


He wanted them to understand
his time on earth so short but what a journey what a life
just miracles to share

just miracles and prayer and angst
wisdom from the heart wisdom mixed with love and faith
but mostly love


Passion – what are we to make of it
Passion Sunday – if we do nothing then does that make it

Meaningless only
if the last person standing does nothing and walks away
someone will stand up someone must


An owl swooped by
early morn in every way a gift the steadfast sun but bitter wind
April in the shires

the long drear winter
no snow just damp and dull and blackly cloudy sky
we long for warmth


My favourite oak tree
still no green just a thickening of its branches as it prepares
for awakening

just as the disciples
didn’t know what they were waiting for
but it was Awakening

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury