As we draw close to a very early Easter I realise I have neglected my website. Trauma in the family can take our mind away from what we hope to do so I offer this poem for late Lent and hope that it strikes a chord:

Forty Days

Forty days and forty nights
now that’s a long long time
to be without, with no one near
to cheer you with a rhyme,
or sunny smile or cheerful chat,
such loneliness can kill
the isolated; who are left
may feel that burden still.

But Jesus in his hour of need
sought solace from his Dad,
who gave him strength to carry on
though hunger drove him mad;
but not enough to listen to
the voices in his head
that told him he could aspire,
he turned away instead.

Just as we might also seek
the comfort of the Light,
that brightens each and every day
so we are safe from fright.

Fear drives too many down the path
the wrong and thorny way;
let us rejoice in company
and welcome in the stray.

For who knows where,
why, what or when
we may that stranger be
Let hope and faith open our door
ask Jesus in for tea.

I wish you a joyful and peaceful Easter time and let us work for a greener and better world DennyBradbury©