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I regularly visit St Mary’s Church Bramshott in Hampshire. It has a Commonwealth War Grave site there to commemorate Canadian soldiers who died in the two world wars. It is a smallish site compared to those perhaps on the continent but still it is a special and peaceful place. I go there to sit and think about war and sacrifice – saddened by the seemingly endless need to fight. But one must not be maudlin so I try to remember all the good people in the world who work tirelessly for peace, respect and harmony.

Here is my poem to the people in Bramshott Churchyard:

One Hundred Years
(In honour of the soldiers in Bramshott Graveyard)

The graveyard where you soldiers sleep,
all tidy in neat rows;
is tranquil, calm, restorative;
Your fate, God only knows.

Spring sunshine plays about your stones,
pure white or grey of years,
the morning is a peaceful one,
sad memories bring tears.

War Graves Commission keeps the grass
so carefully its mown,
rest quietly with honour kept,
you stepped up each alone.

The wider world is still at war.
We never get it right,
But while there is still fear and greed
humans will always fight.

One hundred years, one hundred years
since your war was resolved;
but what a world we know today,
of that you are absolved.

So rest in peace with grateful thanks.
We owe you much and more.
I’m sorry though we’re still at odds
since you have fought your war.

Your graves have peace, what irony!
No wonder that I grieve
to think of all you lost and gave.
So now I take my leave.

Denny Bradbury2018© very best wishes for a good day and a peaceful world.