Here I humbly offer days 6 to 10 of my journey through this Lent. This year it seems more focussed – I have no idea why;


The world is in a winter
a winter state of mind where people bomb the innocent
no glory there to find

how can those victims realise
the presence of a god who doesn’t interfere at all
no glory there – no doubt


Today is much more hopeful
the news is still more dire but somehow through the misery
I feel the heavenly quire

we must keep up the battle
to fight in our own way for human rights and justice
for this I pray


were there birds in the mountains
did they stay by your side did they sing songs of hopefulness
did they help stem the tide

was it here that you saw
the lost lamb of your heart protected it loved it
never to part


How do we merit love in such measure
are our sacrifices really enough even if we feel the pain
a lifetime through

Eternal joy eternal pain
these are the mainsprings of loss and of gain love and its minions
a lifetime through


After we’ve settled the pain and the loss
we just give our love and send it out from the cross
uplifting love

falter we may get up and get on
no use in dwelling on what might have been we need to have more
uplifting love

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury©💚