I offer my further ramblings through my mind as the days of Lent tick away:


As you trod the stony path
how did you react when stones not bread accompanied
your every waking hour

did not the bird song
nor the bleat of goat and lamb alike keep you focussed on the moment
when treachery would strike


Did you hear your father’s voice
borne in softly on the wind did you imagine him with you
in your soul and in your mind

were you fearful in your way
that this was all too much to bear turning stones into your bread
did it seem you might go there

were you ever in some doubt
as to the task that you were set breathing mountain dust and dirt
did giving in occur to you


I can’t believe you wavered then
it all makes sense to me that you were ever steadfast true
if only we could see

How much more the sacrifice
of the lenten journey means if you lead us to the top
where we rest in God’s safe arms


Feelings of guilt
I am overwhelmed by the myriad ways I have transgressed
Need to regain proportion

Focus on Mary
Did Jesus take his leave of her as he withdrew to momentous domain
how did she bear it


Morning fog lifts
revealing the stillest of days time for standing thinking
absorbing nature

my fog also disappears
how must we go on we fight for what is right tolerance justice
love for all
it is the only way

💚 very best wishes to you in all your journeying